I was so pissed off yesterday.  Well, actually since Sunday.  Im furious with the kids’ yaya.  She is supposed to be on a one day off last Sunday but as of today, she still hasn’t returned.  DAMN!  I missed work and an important “event” in the office yesterday.  Good thing my boss understood my dilema.  But extending my leave is out of the picture.  Hello…? I have a lot in my hands this week.   Board and Audit Meetings are coming up  and I can’t afford the backlog.

Fortunately, today is Hubby’s day off.  Its his turn to watch the kids.  But what if yaya won’t be returning afterall?  I’ve called the house and found out that still she hasn’t arrived yet.  My calls to her phone are unattended.  Now, Im in a panic mode….

There’s a voice in me telling me to hang on.  She’s coming back.  Afterall, I haven’t paid her yet and all her stuff are in the house.  But another part of me is saying I should look for a replacement ASAP.  oH, iM SO CONFUSED.  There isn’t really any bad thing between us.  I haven’t screamed, reprimanded nor even disallowed her from taking day offs.  Nowadays, I realized that tables have turned.  The masters are the ones “adjusting” to the hired help.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is getting to be an ugly scenario.  All working moms like me have been this predicament, Im sure.   It’s very hard to serve two masters–the home and work.  If I had my way, I’d be with the kids and work at home na lang.  But it’s not yet the right time.

In the meantime, Im keeping my fingers crossed and pray that I’ll find her at home later tonight. Or else….


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