Papaya Dance Invades America!

The Philippines started the trend.  It all began in a game show.  Then the kids followed suit.  Even the military has their very own version.  The Papaya Dance is all over the place, even finding its way to America!  the hit dancestep was popularized by TV/Game show host, Edu Manzano .  Move over, Macarena!

See for yourself....



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  1. Yeah, why not dance you brown monkeys! Dance the papaya dance while your economy goes down the drain. Dance the papaya dance while your country is being bypassed by your neighboring countries. Dance while lining up for NFA rice! Why are people from the philippines so lame? Why is it that you were once 2nd only to Japan(with the help of Uncle Sam of couse), but now bypassed by Thailand and Malaysia? Why is it you had the same population as Thailand before, but your population doubled while your economy sank? Is it really your government to blame or your stupidity and lameness as a people?

  2. Abby says:

    although i honor your opinion, i utterly think that your comment is hurtful and demeaneaning. Its true that the phil is under a crisis and yes, our government and the political arena play a major role.

    but we are not stupid nor lame. on the contrary i think we are a strong breed. emotionally, that is. imagine in the face of trials, we still find it to share light moments. this is how we cope.

    frankly, i dont think forgetting the lighter side of life would work wonders and make all the problems disappear. there is more than pinning the blame on the people.

    whether you agree or not, i believe that we have also fallen prey to the so called “country giants”.

    cut us some slack, ok?

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