House Hunt

A couple of days ago Hubby and I visited several villages in search for a house we can buy.  It has been our dream to own an affordable, yet cozy home for the family.  With the Private Sector and Government lowering rates on the prices of real estate, now is a good time for it.  But as experience would teach us, finding the perfect place is not a bed of roses.  We have to consider several issues: 1).  low or no downpayment at all; 2). location, location, location; 3) accessibility; 3) security and 4). affordability.

So far, we found something but the property only met two of our set requirements: no downpayment and affordability.  Both of us were excited as we inspected the house and we were instantly having second thoughts on getting it.  We thought it perfect.  A hundred diffrent ideas came to our minds on how to improve and extend the area.  But a major factor we can’t ignore was  its location.  We found the house in Montalban, one of the towns in the outskirts of Rizal provinve.  The neighborhood is still yet to be developed.  There are about 80 families living in a 22 hectare land.  We were surprised by how far the place is.  The advertisement said that the village is just 30 minutes way from Quezon City malls and schools.  But our trip took us about one and a half hours, passing through miles of abandoned, uphill highways.  I haven’t seen a school, church, hospital, or even a parlor nearby.  It it mean a huge transportation and time adjustment for us, if we decide to purchase the house. The house looks very temptingly pretty.  Its not hard NOT to fall in love with.  But practicality has to rule.  We still have yet to buy our family car so living in Montalban is not an option. 

So with a wave of regret, we passed off this chance and decided to explore other houses for sale.






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