Survivor, the Caramoan Challenge

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

Here’s another good reason to be a Survivor fanatic– the reality/adventure show will shoot in the country for a couple of weeks.  I was ecstatic to learn that the location is in one of the munincipalities in Bicol.  Yup. you read it right  scenes will be shot in the island of Caramoan.  As a true blooded Bicolana myself, Im beaming with pride!

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

I remember spending some summers lazing around the endless beach, frolicking on hilltops, and exploring some lushous greens.  One of the things I have yet to do is climb the top of the 350 steps to reach the grotto.  As folklore would have it, it is believed that wishes will be granted to those who are able to reach the summit.

The small town of Caramoan is located in the Caramoan Peninsula, rugged piece of land stretching into the waters of the Marqueda Channel and the Lagonoy Gulf.  Getting there is an adventure in itself.  A 30-40 minute boat ride proves  to be an enjoyable challenge.

For security reasons, however, the island will be off limits to the public for 45 days or so.  Practically the whole of summer.  Too bad, but a little sacrifice wont hurt.  If its going to put this small seaside town as a tourist spot, then by all means.  As we say, “uswag bikolnon…”

Photos courtesy of clickthecity


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  1. drei says:

    hi! thanks for using my pictures which i used for my article in CTC. tiny favor, if you can post a link of my flickr page, i really dont mind my pictures being used 🙂




  2. azz says:

    can you tell me more about the flora and founa of the Caramoan?

  3. Ireen says:

    hi, you can visit my facebook (Ireen Mendoza) to view nice photos of caramoan beaches: basud, nagsampao, sab-itan laya etc. i am also a proud bicolana originally born and raised in Gibgos, CARAMOAN, Cam. Sur

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