Internet Scandal Reaches Primetime TV

The controversial online tale circulating the rumor mill has hit primetime.  Yup.  The Brian Gorell vs. DJ Montano and the “Gucci Gang” ballyhoo made its way on TV.    Apparently, ABS-CBN news correspondent, Gigi Grande flew all the way to the land Down Under to meet the man of the hour, Mr. Gorell.  Though the interview has a plus factor for the news team, I found it somewhat lacking in depth.  Though the story focused on Brian’s plight, it failed to mention per se, the names of the others involved.  Could it be because one of the “socialites” involved is a close Lopez kin?  Hmmm….

Everybody loves a juicy scandal.   But this one tops them all.  Imagine, an Aussie  being duped of $70,000 by his gay lover.  I accidentally knew about this hooplah when I was surfing some weeks ago.  Admittedly, I got hooked eversince.  Its like watching , well, I think its even better and more exciting than soaps like Joaquin Bordado and Lobo.  Mr. Gorell’s allegation of freeloading lifestyle and drug abuse involving Manila’s young, high profile personalities such as Celine Lopez, Tina Tinio, Wendy Puyat-Hotung, and Tim Yap and of course, the talented, Mr. Montano came as a shocking public revelation.


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