An Afternoon at Greenbelt Park and Mall

I haven’t been here for ages it seemed.  Hubby and I hardly recognize the place.  Wow! Greenbelt Mall sure went thru the ultimate make-over.  The shops are very chic and high-end.  And the restos, ah…a haven for foodies with discriminating tastes.  Its the perfect place for fashionistas, tourists, mall rats, or just the best spot for people watch.  But, of all the shops we visited, I particularly like Kheil’s.  Im an avid fan, really.  They have such amazing product for the face, skin, hair, and even for our babies.  I almost got myself a tinted lip balm (shade #30G) but decided otherwise because it look kinda pale on my lips.  The perfect tint for me is #50 but unfortunately, they still don’t carry it.  So I have to wait for a month or two for it (boohoo…)


While I busy checking out more shops, I didn’t realize that Hubby, the kids and my cousins stopped by a lounge.  My daughter, Julia must’ve been bored so she decided to have a little amusement, my to the delight of the gang and some curious onlookers.  I didn’t know that she’d to this and she wasn’t shy at all.  In fact, a lady approached and commented her on being so cute and “bibo”.

Both kids had a blast with the garden and watching the ducks in the pond.  Julia wanted to go into the water and play with these feathered felines, lol.  We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying a good laugh and refreshment in one of the outdoor cafes.




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