Family Day

My son woke up early this morning very excited. Its Family Day in school! Kobe excitedly to and fro the room and got his clothes organized. After a hearty breakfast, we all went to the school chapel for mass.
After mass, the three of us (me, hubby, and Kobe) were led along with a throng of families to the gym. The boys were restless. They all wanted the parade to start already. So, at the signal of the school’s President, the Family Day began. Boys and parents paraded the campus in color coordinated shirts. Kobe class was assigned the color purple, so hubb and I came in coordinates. I have never seen such happy, lively parents supporting their kids. The atmosphere was contagious. There were lotsa games for everyone. Students. Moms. Dads. Parents. Siblings. We particularly enjoyed the booths stationed in the gym. There’s henna art, photo booth, numerous food stalls.
What really made our day was seeing Kobe perform on stage. A week before the affair, I remember him telling me that their class is preparing something. I kinda didn’t give it much thought because I rarely see him practice or show his stuff. He just kept mum about it. Yun pala, it was a surprise! He led his class dance and cheer! I never knew this side of my son. At home, he is this quiet kid who always wants to watch tv or play alone.
Watching him, really made Hubby and I very, very proud… hep hep Hurray!

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