As predicted, today has been a stressful day for me. True enough, my workload came all at once. I must’ve done about 30 lapse going to and fro the photocopy machine, the Accounting Department, and my desk in a span of 2 hours. Boy, oh, boy what a workout it was!
By late afternoon, the messengers assigned to distribute all the board materials are impatiently waiting for me to finish. I was already in a crummy mood by then. My feet were killing me and the stuff Im doing showed no signs of it being over. There’s still some last minute review to make before I get the thumbs up. With nothing left to do but wait, I enviously watched my other officemates call it a day. Got myself another coffee, sat by my pc, and kicked off my shoes.

Luckily, I didn’t wait that long. After thirty minutes, the Boss approved the reports and there i was moving as fast as I can to get things done and out. I made 17 sets of folders. All about 50 pages per set. By the time I finished, my hands were sore and my legs were shaking. Im glad the messengers took care of getting each one stapled.

I finished everything in an hour. Yehey! It s been an adrenalin rush for me. It felt good in a way. Now I can let out a sigh of relief… Hubby waited for me in the mall. As if sensing my exhaustion, he surprised me with a bannanasplit from Dairy Queen.

Hmmm…. what a great stress reliever!


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