Mad Rush

I was in a mad Christmas rush today. With just a few days to go till Christmas, shopping was my top agenda for the day. I was accompanied by my very own brady bunch gang–Hubby, my sister Paz, my brothers JC and Edward and my two little angels, Kobe and Julia. We almost didn’t make it to the mall because of the horrible traffic. The kids were getting bored already and Hubby who is at the wheel, was beginning to show signs of strain too. The trip to Robinson’s Galleria took us about two hours! When we finally got to the mall, we were again faced with another obstacle. Parking space was an impossibility. It took us another 30 minutes just for the parking.

We all scoured the specialty shops in search for that perfect gift for that someone on in list. I still have more than a dozen of gifts to buy so I told Hubby to bring the kids at Tom’s World while I check out Toys R Us. Boy, was I in for a shock. Almost all the aisles are filled with shoppers. Men, women, children of all ages. The counter was even worse. I was really dismayed when I saw the lines. Knowing that Hubby couldn’t stay with the kids that long, I decided to postpone my shopping. It ain’t good to be in a shopping hurry with kids around. So, I did the next best thing–be with the kids. After the two got tired of Tom’s World, we went to Time Zone for more amusement. My sister and brothers had better luck than me. At least they were able to do some successful shopping. Important lesson learned: never, never bring the kids (no matter how much they ask you) to the Christmas rush.

The traffic and the long walk around the mall really made our stomachs growl. Since we still have another agenda aside from shopping, we decided to drive all the way to Mandaluyong to have dinner. Paz suggested we try Charlie’s. It a quaint hole in the wall chinese resto. When we first saw it, we thought that the food might not be good, considering the way it looks. Actually, the place is more like an old house turned into a carinderia. The tables and chairs are so plain, even the glasses and utensils don’t give much of an appeal. But looking closely, I realized that the parking was full of its patrons. So, we might as well give in a try. I was right. The place was packed. We were led to an extension, more like the usual dinning room of a house. When we saw the menu, we were amazed by the prices on the list. Really cheap. We ordered fried rice, pata tim, camaron rebosado, whole fried chicken, tofu, and miki bihon guisado. The verdict? Excellent!

We were awed by the yummy feast. Even the kids loved everything.. All for just about P1,200 (including drinks). Ah… happy, and full.Next stop was the famous Mandaluyong christmas village. Our eyes literally popped out when we saw the magnificent lights adorning the houses in one of its villages. Check them out! We all went home really exhausted but happy.


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