Goodbye, Dad

This is probably the saddest post Im gonna write. This is my sort of send-off to one of the persons most influencial in my life, DAD. Today would’ve have been his 57th birthday had not the BIG C took over. In the span of three months, his health took a turn from good, bad to worse. In those months, the family tried to be brave and positive, but goodbye was inevitable. He was defeated a mere one month away from his birthday.
Dad was a man of sorts. He had a most unique way of showing his love. He is not without flaws. But each imperfection seem irelevant compared to his generosity. He was strict but supportive. Demanding but kind. Tactless, at times but funny.
These few months before his death, we were able to bond together. I remember other family members telling me that Im his favorite. I know because no matter how much we argue or hate each other’s guts, he knows that I’ll always be here for him. My kids are somehow closer to him than his other grandchildren. Its not really easy being around him. Even without his ailment, Dad was the kind of father his kids feared. Not because he would hurt, but I guess, its his way of dealing. The cloud of authority is really very pronounced in his persona. To him, we will always be little boys and girls needing his guidance.
Im happy because we two got really close these past months. I cooked for him last Christmas. I made his favorite arroz caldo, when he got home from the hospital. When My son Kobe was confined because of his asthma, Dad was my first visitor. When I had to undergo a brain MRI scan, he and hubby accompanied me to the hospital.
I could just go on and on…there’s so much memories Dad filled my life with. Today marks the 40th day of his passing. The loss is devastating. The void irreplacable. But I know we all have to move on. This is what he wants. this is how it should be.
So, happy birthday Dad and…GOODYE

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